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12 stations - World Listening Day 2011

City Sonic Walk Meditation/Sounding No1
  Listen to the city as you walk, listen to everything
  Be aware of how the sounds you listen to affects your body
  Find a sound in the city that you like, 
  express it in the place you first heard it, 
  breathe and test for a resonance/echo in that space
  Listen, sound again, listen to the resonance of the space, 
  measure the resonance and adjust your sounding 
  to the length of the resonance 
  until they are aligned and continue sounding.

We invited people to participate in a soundwalk in Limerick City in Ireland.

The issue explored is the subjective and objective aspects of listening to our everyday soundscapes.

We planned a possible route:

Softday Soundwalk: 12 stations - World Listening Day 2011
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We started and ended at the Locke Bar. In addition to the walk, listening and recording, the Grand Finale was a performance (player above), by all the participants, using the collected sounds as an ensemble. Some of the

Start at the Locke Bar
1.Curragower falls
2. Clancy strand
3. St. Michael’s Rowing Club
4. The Limerick Docks scrap yard
5. Dolan’s Pub
6. The Crescent
7. People’s Park
8. Colbert Station
9. Milk Market
10. Debenhams corner
11. Arthur’s Quay
12. Locke Bar


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