World Listening Day 2020

World Listening day 2020

World Listening Day activities

This year Softday invited the public to participate at two different locations, Ballydehob in Co. Cork and Clonmel in Co. Tipperary.

Ballydehob, Co. Cork

This was an open invitation to all interested in the sound of this world. World Listening Day is an annual event on the 18th of July since 2010. The idea originated with the World Soundscape Project.

What’s it all about

A short soundwalk in the secluded nature reserve around the An Sanctóir Holistic Community Centre in the heart of West Cork. Take your ears for a walk. Walk and listen. Listen again. Live. Enjoy!

Participants were given a map and comment card at An Sanctóir, making notes about their listening experience. Below, you find some of the notes

World Listening day 2020
  • bees, wind
  • swamp sounds,
  • birds
  • trickling water,
  • muddy footsteps,
  • buzzing,
  • drop of water landing on me, sneeze,
  • rustling leaves, paper and pencil
  • light breeze, birds tweeting,
  • seagulls in the distance,
  • crows, staccato bird call,
  • high pitched little bird,
  • trill birdcall, breath out of nostrils,
  • cars in distance, bees or wasps wizzing
  • trickling brook, barking dog,
  • female voice calling dog
  • strong flow of river,
  • many layers from close by to more of rumble downstream,
  • my spine and knees cracking
  • river gets louder,
  • high-pitched trill of birds above

World Listening day 2020
  • creek, crack joints and shoes
  • water below bird song
  • crow call tuning a note or two and melody spring through
  • song machine roll along side
  • a well lives of a half heard sing
  • tweet chaw chew refrain refrain
  • in the howling dog's tone
  • call and despond now I am still
  • summer's here sweet homes swing in
  • low hung hums
  • mmmm mmmm ahh ahh bee dog beagle
  • bark and bark growl and
  • slosh rush past squarely curl
  • squash trig doodle's flow
  • churning pulse moving through bass
  • note's bold and breathing space currency

World Listening day 2020
  • the swish swosh of my wellies though the grass
  • a distant seagull flock calling from the north
  • hum of insects in the still air
  • a car cracks as it arrives in the car park,
  • another hums on the road
  • my dog's panting breath,
  • another dog barks in the distance
  • a fly zooms past
  • twig crack, distance voices,
  • squeak of muddy puddles
  • a crow's lofty caw
  • rattling seed pods
  • bird chirrups and clicks
  • buzzing rub of crickets in the grass
  • sitting in the hill meadow I hear the stream rushing,
  • hidden by the trees
  • my dog barks and growls as people walk in the field
  • walking by the river,
  • it gurgles shift and change as the water gurgles over stones,
  • under ferns,
  • collides with the earthy banks

World Listening day 2020
  • bees wasps insects
  • two types of birds
  • flowing water
  • seagull seabird
  • dog

World Listening day 2020
  • bees, sparrow, seagull
  • bird "tuit", bees,
  • distant car, crow, water
  • dog, bird "tuit", bees,
  • wings flapping away, water
  • river distant motorcycle
  • river, dog
  • insects, water
  • river
  • traffic, river, bees, bird "tuit"
  • traffic, bees, birdsong


An Sanctóir Holistic Community Centre, Ballydehob, Co. Cork, Ireland

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

To celebrate World Listening Day 2020 sound artist Sean Taylor did a Creative Soundwalk with members of the public in Clonmel.

World Listening day 2020

Participants were guided through a number of mindfulness and ear cleaning exercises in order to quieten and nurture the listening body through energy exercises and sonic meditations. The creative soundwalk focused on listening, creative soundwalking and the mindful meditative practices of Tai Chi and Qigong.

The experience was intended to enhance participant’s perception of sound and silence, offering a unique approach to understanding soundscapes, as well as offering movement/sound/and listening strategies. These strategies were designed to enhance skills in mindfulness, listening, and attuning to place and space.

Participants practiced techniques that helped to release stress, and to quiet and nurture themselves through energy exercises and sonic meditations. This Creative Soundwalk was open to all creative practitioners and members of the public who were interested in exploring sound walking as a creative tool.


South Tipperary Arts Centre, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, Ireland

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