World Listening Day 2017 : Listening to the Ground - in Cobh, Co. Cork

Softday invited the public to join us for World Listening Day 2017 at the Sirius Arts Centre , Tuesday the 18th of July 2017, 13:00 - 14:00.

Cobh Harbour

Cobh harbour has been used since perhaps 1,000 BC. It was from Cobh that most Irish emigrants departed in the mid-19th century. It was also from Cobh that Titanic departed 11th of April 1912. Some of Cobh’s streets are quite steep and there are excellent opportunities to experience vertical aspects of soundscapes.

Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland

We started the soundwalk at the Sirius Arts Centre at 13:00.

Soundwalkers at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh.

We then did a soundwalk in Cobh for about one hour. The soundwalk finished at the Sirius Arts Centre.

World listening day map 2017 map

At Sirius, Softday provided a hydrophone listening post for listening live to underwater sounds in the harbour.

Hydrophones at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh

Harry Moore improvised on his Kokoto, in a duet with the underwater sounds.

Harry Moore playing his Kokoto instrument

Audio clip from Harry Moore's performance

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This event was part of Softday's residency at the Sirius Arts Centre, 11th to 25th of July 2017